Front-end development


Komu is a project that has been realized during my last year of study. The main goal of this website is to give visibility to gaming communities. Actually, the idea is to offer a service that allows you to :
- Create your community
- Join communities

It offers to players the opportunity to have a place where they can gather.
Every community has a "hub" page, where the adminitrator can choose to show or not the widgets developped by our team depending on his community's needs.
Working on this app allowed me to discover and understand APIs that i didn't know (Twitch & Discord API for example).
This project is still being developed.

Link to the presentation

Workflow & Tools

Front-end stack

Vanilla javascript, SASS, Gulp

Back-end stack



We used github on this project to have code backups as the job progresses.

Scrum Methodology

As i worked with 3 collegues on this project, we used the scrum methodology to help us deliver functionnalities through the iterations.